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The Census and Public Health

The U.S. Census collection every 10 years provides important data on the population of the country, including data on health. This is crucial information for Public Health and Health Care providers, allowing proper decisions on funding, care, and resources to be made for all communities. Fair and accurate data on populations will allow for appropriate health efforts to best serve the people that need it the most. An inaccurate census count may put everyone at risk for a weakened health care system. 

For Public Health specifically, the census gives data on population demographics, social determinants of health, insurance, fertility, disabilities and more. Researchers in the field use this data collection to track diseases, program successes, and barriers to health care. This important information can allow for new programming or funding to help best serve the communities that need it. 

Everyone plays an important role in Census tracking and ensuring the collection of fair and accurate data. Encouraging friends and family to properly complete the census is one step. The 2020 Census is crucial for Public Health since it relies heavily on the data for supporting federal and state health programs. Staying involved in the Census collection in your community and raising awareness will help the voices of Public Health be heard. 

Complete the Census now: my2020census.gov

Source: https://censuscounts.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Census-Health-Care-Factsheet.pdf