Senate Hears Testimony on Dental Therapists Bill

Last week, many provided testimony at a hearing on Senate Bill 98. This bill would establish licensure for dental therapists and allow the expansion of dental services to children and low-income adults. OPHA was among those submitting written testimony in support.

According to the testimony, “Passage of this bill will make life better for thousands of Ohioans. Poor oral health is a factor in many negative events for children and adults. The authorization of a mid-level dental practitioner will change that by adding more dental professionals in shortage areas.

“Not only is this a major step toward prevention of poor oral health it is also a major step toward timely treatment of dental disease and, therefore, prevention of unnecessary emergency room visits, diabetes complications, and heart disease. As well as better school attendance, school attainment, and less work loss.”

Here is a short video explaining the importance of dental therapists: