Health and Equity in All Policies

Health and Equity in All Policies (HEiAP) is a collaborative approach to improving the health of all people by incorporating health considerations into decision-making across sectors and policy areas by breaking down the silos that historically separate government agencies. Determinants of Health, outside of health care and health behaviors, including access to transportation, education attainment, access to healthy food, economic opportunities, safe environments, and affordable housing, have a major impact on the health of a population.

The goal of a Health and Equity in All Policies approach is to view proposed legislation and policies through a public health lens, evaluating the potential health impacts, and allowing legislators and officials to make informed decisions about the health, equity, and sustainability consequences of various policy options.

Where We Are Today…

Although progress on SB 302, as introduced by then State Sen. Charleta Tavares (D-Columbus), ended with the close of the 132nd General Assembly, the efforts of OPHA continue.   In partnership with State Representative Erica Crawley (D-Columbus), OPHA is currently working to define its next steps in the reintroduction of the Health and Equity in All Policies (HEiAP) legislation.

Active stakeholder engagement is key to the passage of any legislation.  That is why OPHA is now reaching out to those stakeholders who work to have improved health and equity as a central part of their purpose.  We want to educate and inform on the elements of the proposal and garner support to help successfully move the legislation forward in the current General Assembly.

Interested stakeholders can review the following resources to better understand this important legislative proposal and consider joining in our efforts to improve health and equity in Ohio.

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