Report Details New Way to Talk About Social Determinants

It has long been understood in public health circles that  where we live, work, learn and play impacts our health. Translating those social determinants of health into language that can be effective to workers as well as policy makers is the topic of a new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The social determinants of health have been the focus of study and community efforts for years. And yet the Foundation says it found that the concept often “didn’t work on the ground”. For various reasons, the framework didn’t work or make sense for its grantees.

As a team from the Foundation worked to translate the topic into simple language, it found the need to find a new framework for thinking about social determinants. And particularly, the need for talking about the topic in a way that both workers in the field and policy makers could understand.

The results of that effort are in the report, which includes sections focused on use of best language as well as data to to support one’s case. Read the full report here.