Prevention and Public Health Fund Sets 2017 Investment

Ohio has received more than $99 million through the Prevention and Public Health Fund (Prevention Fund) since 2010. It is the first federal funding source dedicated to public health and prevention and represents a unique opportunity to reduce long-term health costs.

From a recent report: In 2017, the Fund is investing nearly $1 billion in programs that will benefit every state and allow communities to move forward on proven, effective ways to keep Americans healthier and more productive. Over the next ten years (FY2018-27), the Fund will invest a total of $14 billion in cross-cutting prevention programs that have the potential to transform our public health system.

This essential investment in Ohio is already at work, providing critical resources to support evidence-based, community prevention activities that are specifically tailored to meet community needs and preferences. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solutions for prevention. Some of the investments supported by the Fund include:

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