OPHA AdvocacyAdvocacy is one of OPHA’s most important and active efforts. We speak on important state and national policy issues and we represent not just our member or the profession of Public Health, but we also represent Ohio’s Public. We take this role very seriously.  While clinical medicine does a great job of helping individual patients, it is a major responsibility of Public Health to assure the health of the Public – the entire Public. Our efforts range from crafting position statements on important Public Health issues and to contact legislators to supporting efforts to ensure adequate funding.

Our biggest policy priority is to ensure a Health and Equity in All Policies approach to policy and decision making at all levels of government – local, state and federal.  If this is an area of particular interest for you – you may want to join the HEiAP Committee.

We encourage you to add your voice, your opinions, and your expertise to inform OPHA on issues, actions and efforts.

Get involved and advocate! OPHA needs your voice!  Ohioans NEED your voice!

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