OPHA Public Health Professional Services Program

The Public Health Professional Services (PHPS) program, administered by OPHA, is a service which matches Public Health professionals within Ohio with available part-time, temporary, short-term, and/or seasonal positions in the Public Health field. Organizations often need temporary or part-time help. Meanwhile, many individuals in the Public Health sector are in a position to contribute their skills and expertise: retirees, part-time employees, individuals who work as caregivers, students working toward full-time employment, and more. We recruit and manage a pool of available staffers, serve as the liaison between staffers and prospective placement sites and facilitate contracts and employment logistics.

Public Health Workforce Alternative Program, Update by Nancy Shapiro and Lois Hall at APHA, 2014
Public Health Workforce Alternative Program, Update by Nancy Shapiro and Lois Hall at APHA, 2014

The PHPS was developed in 2012 with support from a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant. We identify qualified Public Health professionals with a variety of skills and expertise including retirees, current employees looking for additional projects outside regular work hours, parents who want to work primarily from home and MPH students/grads looking for exposure to the real world of Public Health.  We match these professionals up with short term, part time jobs and we take care of the HR and personnel functions associated with placing them in your agency or working remotely on your project.

Let us know if you’d like to consider working with the OPHA PHPS to meet your short term, part time, accreditation readiness needs.

AND- if you are a professional, who has some time and would be interested in working with the PHPS on a job like this, we are also looking for you. If you know a colleague who has retired or who might be interested, give them our contact information too.

Past clients say we’re easy to work with, we make the paperwork and contracting process easy, and we’ve sent them excellent professionals to meet their needs.

Public Health Professional Services Consultant Enrollment

The essential element of a successful PHPS program is a core group of public health professionals willing to provide surge staffing to support temporary needs in Ohio public health. As staff leave public health employment to retire or pursue other roles, it is the perfect time to enroll as a consultant. Some contracts can be done remotely, others may offer evening or weekend support. Still other roles need grant work of a part-time time nature or short-term full-time assistance that is a perfect match for a retiree. Hospital health care workers and others who have left public health as a profession can still participdate in fulfilling public health work through PHPS. Offering the reminder to potentially enroll in the PHPS program on the consultant roster is a useful exit interview tool to keep staff engaged in public health. Use this form to enroll as a consultant. All disciplines are needed: clinicians, health educators, Registered Sanitarians, administrative support, contact tracers, grant writers/administrators, accreditation specialists, fiscal office support, leadership roles and other public health personnel. Be part of the solutions that Ohio Public Health Association can offer to our membership.

Let us know how we can help – or let us know if you have questions about the PHPS.

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