Public Health Professional Services Program

The Public Health Professional Services (PHPS) program helps to build Ohio’s public health workforce to meet the staffing needs of agencies around the state. Administered by the Ohio Public Health Association (OPHA), PHPS matches public health professionals with available part-time, temporary, short-term, or seasonal positions in the public health field. Agencies may need temporary or part-time assistance for a variety of reasons such as staffing shortages, medical leave, specific expertise needs, grant deliverables.

PHPS recruits and manages a roster of public health professionals, serves as a liaison between contractors and agencies, and facilitates contracts and employment logistics. PHPS contractors dedicated over 3,000 hours to Ohio public health agencies in 2023. We worked with multiple agencies contracting accreditation specialists, epidemiologists, data analysts, grant writers, health communication strategists, Registered Environmental Health Specialists (REHS), public health nurses, and community health specialists.



PHPS lifts the burden of recruitment and serves as the liaison between professionals and placement sites.


Hiring an independent contractor is often the most efficient solution to short-term staffing needs.


Whether you need staff for a few days, a few months, or intermittently, we can find the right fit for you.

Tell us what your needs are so we can match you with a consultant from our list of skilled public health professionals. For more information, contact

Public Health Consultants Wanted!

The essential element of a successful PHPS program is a core group of public health professionals willing to support temporary needs. Contracts are flexible and designed with your schedule in mind.

If you are passionate about public health, we want you on our team! Looking for part-time or temporary work? Are you a retiree looking for a project of two? Caregiver with limited time to spare? This may be the perfect fit for you!

Clinical Staff
Health Educators
Administrative Support
Contract Tracers
Environmental Health Specialists
Grant writers/Administrators
Accreditation Specialists
Fiscal Office Support
Strategic Planners
Vital Statistics Speciailsts

For more information about becoming a PHPS consultant, see our FAQs below or contact


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