Ohio Journal of Public Health, October 2020, Vol. 3, Issue 2


Cover art credit: Whitley Baxter and Gad Owusu, Department of Design students, The Ohio State University

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Table of Contents
Ohio Journal of Public Health Table of Contents October 2020

Eight Months and Counting
Amy Ferketich

It’s Time to Mobilize in Support of Inclusive LGBTQ+ Community Needs Assessments
Andrew M. Snyder, Shaunte L. Rouse

Research Article
How My Provider Communicates: A Qualitative Exploration of Pregnant Women’s Communicative Experiences When Receiving Prenatal Care in Ohio
Na’Tasha M. Evans, Kamesha Spates, Jiunn-Jye Sheu

Research Article
Opioid Dispensing Practices in the Acute Care Setting: A Retrospective Study
Mohamad Moussa, Lekha Vemuru, Robert Dohar, Daniel Lubarsky, Sadik A. Khuder

Research Brief
Detecting Environmental Contamination of MRSA in Ambulances: A Novel and Efficient Sampling Methodology
Robert C. Orellana, Armando E. Hoet, Joany C. van Balen, Bo Lu, Christina Kelley, Kurt B. Stevenson

Public Health Practice
Mobilizing Communities to Sustainably Produce Face Masks: Public Health Practice in the Time of COVID-19
Andrew M. Snyder, Heidi L. Weisel, Sheryl L. Chatfield

Public Health Education
Strategies to Enhance Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research Instruction to Prepare MPH Students for Public Health Practice
Sheryl L. Chatfield

Public Health Education
Developing Continuing Education for Ohio’s Local Boards of Health
Diana M. Kingsbury, Matthew Stefanak, Ken Slenkovich