Call for Papers-Racism as a Public Health Crisis

Deadline Extended! Due: September 4, 2020

In response to recent designations of racism as a public health crisis in many cities and counties in Ohio and ongoing efforts to extend this declaration to the State level, the Ohio Journal of Public Health is dedicating the Autumn 2020 issue to this crisis.

In 2019, Williams, Lawrence, and Davis published an extensive review on racism and health in
the Annual Review of Public Health (
publhealth-040218-043750). They stated, “racism is considered a fundamental cause of adverse
health outcomes for racial/ethnic minorities and racial/ethnic inequities in health.” In addition to summarizing the research, they provide recommendations for future work to address institutional racism, cultural racism, and discrimination, with the goal of ameliorating health inequities experienced by racial/ethnic minorities in the United States.

To meet this goal, much research and work is required from the public health community. This reality further underscores our motivation for a specific focus on racism as a public health crisis in the Autumn 2020 issue.

For this call, papers can cover a range of issues including, but not limited to, the following:
 Discrimination and health
 Institutional racism and health
 Cultural racism and health
 Intersectional racism and health
 Racism across the life course
 Residential segregation and other neighborhood factors and health
 Social justice
 Environmental justice
 Policy approaches to addressing racism
 Approaches to achieve health equity
 Novel strategies to address racism and resulting health inequities, including multilevel
interventions, solution-based strategies, models of care, novel academic/community
partnerships, and community-based collaborations
 Educational strategies to better teach students about racism, its health impact, and what
we can do as a public health community to combat racism

Public health is multidisciplinary. Accordingly, we welcome papers from researchers and
practitioners across fields including, but not limited to public health, social work, human
services, medicine and healthcare, sociology, psychology, child and family studies, health law
and policy, criminal justice, environmental science, and urban planning and government.

Papers should focus on Ohio, or issues relevant to Ohio, and at least one author must live and
work in Ohio. Paper formats can be research papers, research briefs, commentaries, educational reports, practice reports, or Op-Ed pieces. Authors should use templates for papers that are found on the Journal’s website: Inquiries should be directed to the Editor, Amy Ferketich, at or 614-292-7326 (work phone).