OPHA is the state’s largest and most professionally diverse organization for those who work in, teach about, care about, or support Public Health – both in governmental and non-governmental settings.

We are largely a “membership organization,” which means that the majority of our budget comes from membership dues, and that we then use those funds to represent our members in a variety of ways. Below are the three important ways we serve our members:


  1. Networking and Communication: As an OPHA member – individual or organizational – you will have the opportunity to network and communicate with your peers and colleagues through involvement in sections, committees and leadership positions.  The main ways OPHA communicates with our members are through our weekly e-newsletter, our Facebook page and on Twitter.
  2. Professional Education: Professional education opportunities come through conferences, webinars and other meetings around specific topics.  We try to offer continuing education as often as possible for nurses, environmental public health professionals, those Certified in Public Health, and those seeking CHES and MCHES credits.  These opportunities come relative to specific professional segments – such as Public Health Nursing, or Vital Statistics, or to specific topics – such as updates on billing practices, dental health and the opiate epidemic.
  3. Advocacy: OPHA’s tag line is “the Voice for Public Health” and we certainly try to BE that voice – for those who work in the field, but for whom advocacy isn’t a routine part of their actual “job.”   We also believe that our advocacy is more focused on current critical Public Health issues, in addition to issues relative to the “work” of Public Health.  Our advocacy priorities are the prevention and reduction of obesity, tobacco, and injuries; health equity through access and quality; and the environment – including specific topics such as vector control funding, clean air and water, and climate change.

We need to add your voice to our Voice!  Come – join us in being the Voice for Public Health in Ohio!