Is Ohio Ready for Health Threats?

A new report realesed by Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) found Ohio scored six out of 10 on key indicators of public health preparedness.  Twenty six states and Washington, D.C. scored a six or lower.  Alaska and Idaho scored lowest at 3 out of 10, and Massachusetts scored the highest at 10 out of 10, with North Carolina and Washington State scoring 9’s.

The main threats that catch the nation off guard include outbreaks like Zika or Ebola or bioterrorist threats. These threats end up diverting attention and resources away from other priorities.

The report titled “Ready or Not?” looks at the nation’s ability to respond to public health emergencies, tracks progress and vulnerabilities, and includes a review of state and federal public health preparedness policies.

Ohio scored points in areas including commitment to public health funding , food safety, and emergency health care access. It did not score points in areas including flu vaccination rates and climate change preparedness.

Read the full report here