Interested in Accreditation Section?

OPHA is considering forming another new section!  If you are an Accreditation Coordinator, Quality Improvement Coordinator or someone who is actively working with or caring about Public Health Accreditation – please email to learn more about this exciting new possibility for OPHA… and YOU!

We’ve heard from several of you – about a dozen!  To form this section we need at least 25 who share this interest – they can be current members or individuals who would be interested in joining OPHA to be a part of this group.  We LOVE getting new members, so if you have and Accreditation colleague who isn’t already involved in OPHA – this might be the time to invite them to join us!

And what’s the benefit of being an OPHA Section?  Your voice would be represented on our Governing Council – your section chair/designee would have a vote on all our Public Health issues.  By being an OPHA Section, the group would be supported by OPHA staff and resources (not necessarily funding – but things like our newsletter, goto meeting opportunities, conference planning involvement and more.  APHA has recently funded OPHA again, for provision of Accreditation Readiness support.  You can be a part of this initiative as well as more to come in the future.