Franklin County Health Map

From the “Franklin County Health Map”: The Franklin County Community Health Needs Assessment Steering Committee is pleased to provide residents of central Ohio with a comprehensive overview of our community’s health status and needs via the Franklin County HealthMap2016. Franklin County HealthMap2016 is the result of a broad collaborative effort, coordinated by the Central Ohio Hospital Council (COHC), intended to help hospitals and other organizations better understand the health needs and priorities of Franklin County residents.

As part of its mission, COHC serves as the forum for community hospitals to collaborate with each other and with other community stakeholders to improve the quality, value, and accessibility of health care in the central Ohio region. Characterizing and understanding the prevalence of acute and chronic health conditions, access to care barriers, and other health issues can help direct community resources to where they will have the biggest impact. To that end, central Ohio’s hospitals will begin using the data reported in Franklin County HealthMap2016, in collaboration with other organizations, to inform the development and implementation of strategic plans to meet the community’s health needs. Consistent with federal requirements, Franklin County HealthMap2016 will be updated in three years. The Franklin County Community Health Needs Assessment Steering Committee hopes Franklin County HealthMap2016 serves as a guide to target and prioritize limited resources, a vehicle for strengthening community relationships, and a source of information that contributes to keeping people healthy.

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