Exploring the Link Between Education and Health

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio has released a new policy brief titled, “Connections Between Education and Health.” HPIO notes that health and education are areas of significant focus for Ohio policymakers.

HPIO says they represent the largest shares of Ohio’s biennial budget for state fiscal years (SFY) 2016-2017.  Among the 971 bills introduced in the 131st General Assembly between Jan. 1, 2015 and Nov. 4, 2016, 42 percent were related to health and/or education.

“There is widespread agreement that factors outside of the healthcare system influence health,” according to the brief. “Research consistently shows a strong relationship between educational attainment and health, even after accounting for factors such as income, race, ethnicity and access to health care.”

Later this year, HPIO plans to release a series of fact sheets discussing specific policy recommendations to improve health and educational outcomes in Ohio.