Climate Health Effects Work Group Convenes

OPHA has convened a work group comprised of various stakeholders to begin drafting an assessment of the possible climate events that could impact the public’s health in Ohio. This group will also identify which populations might be most vulnerable to the health effects of climate events. Health commissioners, environmental health professionals, health educators, epidemiologists and administrators have convened thus far.

This work group comes several years after the CDC had funding available for state health departments to begin working on developing state preparedness plans related to climate health effects. Ohio chose not to apply at that time, and since then additional funding opportunities have not been made available. At last 34 states have taken advantage of those funds to develop statewide Public Health plans.

OPHA OPHA Climate Health Effects Work Groupconvened this group so as not to have Ohio left behind – or to fail to provide pertinent information to Ohio’s local health departments. The group meets monthly in Columbus to continue its work, based on the CDC’s BRACE format – BRACE stands for Building Resilience Against Climate Effects. OPHA
Governing Council member and Franklin County Public Health, Health Commissioner, Joe Mazzola chairs the group. If you ‘d like to be involved contact for more information or to learn how to join the group.