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Let’s Talk Health & Climate Change

From ecoAmerica’s “Let’s Talk Health & Climate Change: Communication Guidance for Health Professionals” introduction: Now is the time for health professionals to elevate our climate leadership throughout our organizations, communities, and nation. Health can be a game-changing driver for climate solutions. Continue reading Let’s Talk Health & Climate Change

Assessing Health Vulnerability to Climate Change

From the CDC’s “Assessing Health Vulnerability to Climate Change: A Guide for Health Departments”: The changing climate is linked to increases in a wide range of non-communicable and infectious diseases . There are complex ways in which climatic factors (like temperature, humidity, precipitation, extreme weather events, and sea-level rise) can directly or indirectly affect the prevalence of disease. Identification of communities and places vulnerable to these  changes can help health departments assess and prevent associated adverse health impacts. Continue reading Assessing Health Vulnerability to Climate Change

Climate Models and the Use of Climate Projections

From the CDC Report: “Climate Models and the Use of Climate Projections: A Brief Overview for Health Departments”

When assessing and preparing for the human health effects of climate change, public health practitioners will likely need to access climatological information. Projected climate data, such as future temperature and precipitation, can be used to assess vulnerability and project disease burden. However,  state and local health departments often do not have the capacity to utilize climate data or climate  projections. This document provides a definition for climate outlooks and climate models and describes  particular outlooks and models that may be useful in anticipating the human health effects of climate  change. It also includes a topic overview and some suggested initial methods for state and local health  departments. Read the full report here

Franklin County Health Map

From the “Franklin County Health Map”: The Franklin County Community Health Needs Assessment Steering Committee is pleased to provide residents of central Ohio with a comprehensive overview of our community’s health status and needs via the Franklin County HealthMap2016. Franklin County HealthMap2016 is the result of a broad collaborative effort, coordinated by the Central Ohio Hospital Council (COHC), intended to help hospitals and other organizations better understand the health needs and priorities of Franklin County residents.

Continue reading Franklin County Health Map