BIG First for OPHA and our Chiropractic Health Section

On Thursday, September 1 2016 the group pictured below convened in Beavercreek to discuss ways in which OPHA’s Chiropractic Section, Ohio’s chiropractors, OPHA and Ohio’s local health departments can collaborate more intentionally to promote good health and prevent opiod and other drug overdose deaths across Ohio.  This “Health Talk,” hosted and sponsored by the Ohio State Chiropractic Association (OSCA) is one of a series we hope to provide across Ohio in the coming months.  For some in the group it may have been an introduction to each other and to each other’s field of specialty.  For others, it was an intentional time away together to brainstorm practical ways they can work better together in their communities.

Chiro-2016OPHA Chiropractic Health Section Chair-elect, Dr. Luke Reinhart led the conversation, sharing data on the drug problem, the Governor’s Cabinet Opiod Advisory Taskforce recommendations and ways chiropractic is addressing the issue. The intention is that those participating will go back to their community and look for real, practical and implementable things they can do together to help educate the public about the nuances of the problem, and non-pharmaceutical “conservative care” methods of treating pain.

Two ideas proposed today. First, to encourage chiropractors to contact their health department to volunteer to work with the Community Health Assessment and Health Improvement Planning processes – bringing their expertise to this table;. Secondly to consider having local chiropractors address Public Health staff meetings to help each group learn more at the local level about each other’s practices and successes and to strategize for ways to work together on future prevention and health promotion efforts.

OPHA sincerely thanks the OSCA for hosting today’s conversation – and Dr. Reinhart for his leadership of the OPHA section and facilitation of today’s session.  We look forward to holding more of these events across the state. We’ll publicize them here, and be in touch with Public Health staff in each of the future regions when those invitations are made.

But you don’t have to wait for us…. Go introduce yourself to a chiropractor in your community and invite them to join your coalitions.  And if you’re a chiropractor OPHA member – go visit your local health department.  I think you’ll find good friends and allies on both sides of the handshake!