Are Americans Dying of Desperation?

A recent report notes that 1 million Americans have died of drugs, alcohol and suicide over the last decade, and trends indicate that number could double to 2 million during the next decade. In the report, Trust for America’s Health and Well Being Trust call for a national strategy to address these “despair deaths”.

The report calls these trends “a wake-up call to a national well-being crisis.”

New Mexico and West Virginia are among the top states with the highest rates that are projected to be the top by 2025. While Ohio does not rank high for alcohol and suicide-related deaths, for drug-related deaths alone, Ohio ranked 3rd in 2015 with 28.5 per 100,000. Projections put it still as one of the highest with 48.5 in 2015

The report “urges leaders across all sectors, regions and states to come together to develop a National Resilience Strategy, a thoughtful and inclusive framework for systemic change that measurably improves outcomes tied to well-being and health for all people, and especially those at high risk.”

Read the full report here:

Check out this video, “Happiness”, by Steve Cutts that paints a somber picture of desperation.