Accredited Community of Practice

In 2017, the OSU College of Public Health’s, Center for Public Health Practice contracted with OPHA to initiate mechanisms to provide support for Local Health Departments (LHDs) in Ohio that are accredited and focusing on reaccreditation by the Public Health Accreditation Board.

Out of this arrangement came the Accredited Community of Practice (ACP). The goal of the ACP is to support and sustain the ongoing needs of the LHDs seeking reaccreditation. ACP resides within OPHA’s Accreditation & Performance Improvement Section.

In early 2018 the ACP conducted a statewide needs assessment to identify the training and technical assistance needs for accredited health departments. Highlights from the needs assessment results can be found below:

  • Areas of Identified Need
    * Implementing a Performance Management system
    * Preparing documentation
    * Building or sustaining a culture of QI
    * Integrating health equity into agency programs, services, and operations
  • Other identified needs:
    * Opportunities to interact with other LHDs in the reaccreditation process
    * Funding opportunities for the reaccreditation process
    * A statewide set of performance measurement indicators
    * Training in ethics
  • Most preferred methods for technical assistance:
    * In-person meetings
    * Webinar with opportunity for follow-up phone meeting
  • Needs Assessment Snapshot available for download here

In September of 2018 ACP leadership drafted a sustainability plan for the ACP. Download the full OPHA ACP Sustainability Plan and the Sustainability Snapshot below:

Full Plan


As noted in the sustainability plan, in early 2019, the ACP/Accreditation & Performance Improvement Section conducted a follow up survey assessing the needs of local health departments seeking reaccreditation. The survey results will inform next steps determined for a meeting in the summer of 2019

Additionally, as they are accredited, health departments will receive a copy of the PHAB Reaccreditation Guide from the ACP.

Accreditation and Performance Improvement Section Leadership:
Chair:    Kelli Kincaid
Vice-Chair:   Laure Dietsch  
Secretary:    Ashley Steveley