Public Health Education Section

The mission of the Public Health Education Section of the Ohio Public Health Association
(OPHA) is to enhance the professional practice of Public Health by strengthening the professional preparation and practice of health education through encouraging professional development, while promoting and sustaining a credentialed body of Public Health Educators and Practitioners.
1. To recruit members for the Ohio Public Health Association, Public Health Education Section
2. To recognize and support professional excellence and interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of Public Health Education
3. To promote professionalism, diversity, and cultural competence of Ohio Public Health
4. To inform Ohio communities and other professionals about the importance of Public Health education
5. To influence public policy and address legislative matters that impact Public Health and
promote Public Health Education.
6. Provide a forum for interaction among members and collaborative partners.
7. Strengthen communication with the Ohio Department of Health and other Public Health
8. Strengthen relationships with Ohio’s Colleges, Schools of Public Health and Health
9. Provide structure for competent public health educators and leadership via workforce