Environmental Public Health Section

The OPHA Environmental Public Health section consists of professionals representing various public health specializations.

The mission of the Environmental Public Health Section of the OPHA is to provide resources, trainings and position papers on threatening and emerging environmental public health issues to the members of OPHA.
● Providing annual training on Health Impact Assessment and Health in All Policies to
increase members’ knowledge and skill level.
● Provide technical assistance and resources to the Ohio Public Health Climate Resilience
● Provide technical assistance and resources for Health in All Policies once legislation has
been adopted and is in place.
● Provide position papers on emerging and threatening environmental public health issues such as asthma, lead poisoning and vector borne diseases.
● Provide testimony to the General Assembly on proposed environmental public health
● Work in collaboration with Ohio Environmental Health Association (OEHA), the Ohio
Department of Health (ODH), the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA), and
the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA).

Section Chair: Niki Lemin MS, RS/REHS

Environmental Public Health Section Guidelines