About OPHA

The Ohio Public Health Association (OPHA) is Ohio’s professional association for all those who work in, or support the various fields of Public Health.  We are the Ohio affiliate of the American Public Health Association (APHA).  We’ve been around for awhile and we’ve seen and been involved in many of our nation’s biggest health stories.

Public Health is here to help reduce infectious disease illnesses and deaths; to combat chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes; and to champion addressing numerous risk factors such as tobacco, obesity and physical inactivity.  Our members work in the areas of health education, public health nursing, environmental health, epidemiology,  vital statistics, nutrition and much more. Some do this work, while many others teach it as faculty and staff of Ohio’s academic public health programs. Some do it for state or local health departments, while others do it in hospitals, social service organizations or voluntary capacities.

OPHA provides three primary functions for our members, our communities and our state.

  • Professional Education: We provide networking among professionals in order for them to collaborate on various topics and issues and to learn from each other. We do this through conferences, workshops and webinars.
  • Networking and Communication: We provide a means of communication for our members and our state legislators through a weekly e-newsletter, through social media and this web site.
  • Advocacy: One of our most important functions though, is our ability  – and our practice – of being an advocate for all things public health.  By being a non-governmental organization, we have the ability to be the voice of public health that many of our colleagues don’t have. To this end, we have a section dedicated to advocacy.

It is with this responsibility always in front of us that we promote a health and equity in ALL approach to policy-making. We take our responsibility to assure the optimal health of all Ohioans seriously, and so that’s why OPHA continues to be the inclusive Voice for Public Health in Ohio!