OPHA Vital Statistics Section Annual Conference, 2016

On August 23, over 115 people attended the OPHA Vital Statistics Section’s Annual Conference.   Section Chair and planning committee Chair, Linda Garcia from the Seneca County Health Department opened the conference and introduced OPHA President, Wally Burden who welcomed the group and affirmed the vital importance of these Vital Statistics professionals – Registrars, Deputy Registrars and staff of funeral homes and hospitals.

Topics included upcoming changes in birth and death certificates – with the State moving more toward electronic reporting.  ODH VS staff graciously answered questions and provided advice or clarification on the rules and conventions of recording vital event.  In addition to these presentations, other topics included an update on the Violent Death Reporting System, human trafficking, issues surrounding LGBTQ parenting and gender changes and how to survive an emergency like a fire, flood or move.  There was a great period of question/answer and the announcement of upcoming training – see the calendar events below – in the meeting portion of the Notes.

One of the best things about the conference was the opportunity for these colleagues to come together, to meet their peers and to network and problem solve together.

Patricia Burg, Public Health Service Award
Patricia Burg won the Shirley M. Hayslett award for service to Public Health, with over 40 years service.  Congrats to Pat!
OPHA Vital Stats attendees
There were over 118 attendees at the OPHA Vital Statisics Conference