Welcome to the Ohio Public Health Association!

The Ohio Public Health Association (OPHA) is glad you’ve found us!

Our mission is to ensure the optimal health of all Ohioans and to be the inclusive Voice of Public Health in Ohio.

We have a strong belief in the power and value of being that voice -for all Ohioans!  And to that end, we champion a Health and Equity in All Policies approach to decision-making and policy development. Only when all Ohioans have equal access to high quality prevention and health care services, and when the places where we all live, learn, work, play and pray comprise the healthiest communities possible, will our work be done! And then we’ll find more ways to make a healthier difference for Ohioans and we’ll keep working!

Become a member – get in the loop – and get engaged with us in making Ohio the healthiest state possible!

President's Message

Welcome! As OPHA president, I have the privilege of representing the shared goals of our members, and the challenge of speaking for our diverse and dedicated public health workforce of academics, students, nurses, health educators, administrators, and a wide variety of other public health professionals and clinicians.

It is impossible for one person, or even a board, to be the inclusive voice for Public Health and to ensure the optimal health of all Ohioans. It requires that we are all active members of the Association. Each of us can contribute by providing leadership on issues affecting the public’s health, advocating for public policies that protect and improve the health of all Ohioans, strengthening the public health system, and advancing the practice of public health in Ohio.

Read the full message at: https://ohiopha.org/presidents-message-march-2018/

OPHA NewsPublic Health CalendarPolicy Updates

New Journal Calls for Submissions

OPHA is seeking submissions for a new journal, the Ohio Journal of Public Health. The goal is to publish high-quality, peer reviewed manuscripts that present research, as well as public health and educational practices that are relevant to Ohio.


Speed Networking Event Coming Up

WE APOLOGIZE BUT THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED! Interested in pursuing a career in a public health field? The OPHA Student Section is hosting a networking event for students to connect with professionals from various public health fields.


Join OPHA for a Virtual Walk and Photo Contest!

On Wednesday, April 4, during National Public Health Week, get out and walk – all across Ohio together! Between 11 and 1, go for a walk and tag OPHA on whatever social media you use!


Key Points of the Medicaid Waiver

The Ohio Department of Medicaid released a proposal to seek an 1115 waiver that would include work requirements for people who are a part of the Medicaid expansion group. The proposal is in the public comment period.


Senate Hears Testimony on Dental Therapists Bill

Last week, many provided testimony at a hearing on Senate Bill 98. This bill would establish licensure for dental therapists and allow the expansion of dental services to children and low-income adults. OPHA was among those submitting written testimony in support.


APHA Opposes Repeal of Mandate

The American Public Health Association has issued a press release opposing the repeal of the individual mandate and proposals to cut the Prevention and Public Health Fund included in Congressional tax legislation. The full text of the release follows