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We have a strong belief in the power and value of being that voice -for all Ohioans!  And to that end, we champion a Health and Equity in All Policies approach to decision-making and policy development. Only when all Ohioans have equal access to high quality prevention and health care services, and when the places where we all live, learn, work, play and pray comprise the healthiest communities possible, will our work be done! And then we’ll find more ways to make a healthier difference for Ohioans and we’ll keep working!

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Climate and Health 101 Webinar

 A webinar  on climate change in Minnesota  will be held on July 26 at 1pm.  Chris Kimber, climate and health planner, will present the webinar on the impact on health, and how you can take action to reduce and prevent negative health outcomes associated with climate change.


Images Illustrate Dangers Facing US Seaboard

Climate change could put much of the US seaboard underwater as early as this century. That’s according to a Business Insider article about a Google Earth plug-in that illustrates the importance of weather resilience and planning for public health.


Report Looks at Air Quality in Ohio

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has released a report on climate change and air quality. It offers a brief overview of air quality issues in Ohio. A graphic showing the air quality issues by county is provided on the NRDC’s website. Click the link for more details https://www.nrdc.org/climate-change-and-health-air-quality#/map/detail/OH.


HPIO Releases Brief on AHCA

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO) has released a policy brief highlighting some of the options that Ohio will have if the American Health Care Act is signed in to law. It looks at the healthcare coverage picture in Ohio and areas where the state has flexibility or decision points regarding private health insurance.


Tiberi Responds to Letter from OPHA

Congressman Pat Tiberi has responded to a letter from our Executive Director Lois Hall regarding the American Health Care Act. In it, he states that he believes that “Americans deserve a better healthcare system that puts their needs first and provides better access to the tools that put them in charge of their own care.” 


AOF Updates State Budget Issue Fact Sheets

The House’s version of the 2018-19 state budget bill makes positive headway while also missing opportunities. That’s according to the Advocates for Ohio’s Future, a nonpartisan coalition endorsed by OPHA. AOF recently updated its fact sheets on the budget.