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We have a strong belief in the power and value of being that voice -for all Ohioans!  And to that end, we champion a Health and Equity in All Policies approach to decision-making and policy development. Only when all Ohioans have equal access to high quality prevention and health care services, and when the places where we all live, learn, work, play and pray comprise the healthiest communities possible, will our work be done! And then we’ll find more ways to make a healthier difference for Ohioans and we’ll keep working!

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Cancer Deaths Decrease…Except One

According to an article on Medscape, the combined death rate from all cancers in the United States has dropped by 25% since 1991. Despite this, a Cancer Statistics 2017 report shows that cancer incidence and mortality rates are typically higher in men and racial disparities still exist. What’s more, there is one cancer that is … Continue reading Cancer Deaths Decrease…Except One


Report: Medicaid Expansion Supports Employment

An assessment commissioned by the Ohio Medicaid Department concluded that Ohioans who became eligible for health care coverage through the state’s recent Medicaid expansion reported that it was easier for them to keep or find work, and most reported better health and financial security as a result of obtaining coverage. That’s according to a summary … Continue reading Report: Medicaid Expansion Supports Employment


Is Ohio Ready for Health Threats?

A new report realesed by Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) found Ohio scored six out of 10 on key indicators of public health preparedness.  Twenty six states and Washington, D.C. scored a six or lower.  Alaska and Idaho scored lowest at 3 out of 10, and Massachusetts scored the highest at 10 out of 10, with … Continue reading Is Ohio Ready for Health Threats?


Oppose Repealing the ACA!

OPHA encourages all members and concerned Ohioans to write their legislators NOW to urge opposition to repealing the Affordable Care Act! Please download and read the letter written by OPHA Executive Director Lois Hall to Senator Rob Portman.   We urge you to:  Send your own letters or emails or make phone calls to your to … Continue reading Oppose Repealing the ACA!


Legislation Updates

Below are Ohio House and Senate bills that have seen activity in November and December.


Biosimilar Bill Signed Into Law

A bill allowing pharmacists to substitute biologically similar products, or “biosimilars,” for any biological product prescribed by a physician has been signed into law by Ohio Governor John Kasich.