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Our mission is to ensure the optimal health of all Ohioans and to be the inclusive Voice of Public Health in Ohio.

We have a strong belief in the power and value of being that voice -for all Ohioans!  And to that end, we champion a Health and Equity in All Policies approach to decision-making and policy development. Only when all Ohioans have equal access to high quality prevention and health care services, and when the places where we all live, learn, work, play and pray comprise the healthiest communities possible, will our work be done! And then we’ll find more ways to make a healthier difference for Ohioans and we’ll keep working!

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The Ohio Public Health Partnership – Have You Been Introduced?

-Claire Boettler, Past-President Many OPHA members are not familiar with, or have never even heard of, the Ohio Public Health Partnership (OPHP).  As OPHA’s representative to the Partnership I thought it was time to make a general introduction to OPHP and all of the great work it is doing for public health in Ohio. The … Continue reading The Ohio Public Health Partnership – Have You Been Introduced?


BIG First for OPHA and our Chiropractic Health Section

On Thursday, September 1 2016 the group pictured below convened in Beavercreek to discuss ways in which OPHA’s Chiropractic Section, Ohio’s chiropractors, OPHA and Ohio’s local health departments can collaborate more intentionally to promote good health and prevent opiod and other drug overdose deaths across Ohio


OPHA Vital Statistics Section Annual Conference, 2016

On August 23, over 115 people attended the OPHA Vital Statistics Section’s Annual Conference.   Section Chair and planning committee Chair, Linda Garcia from the Seneca County Health Department opened the conference and introduced OPHA President, Wally Burden who welcomed the group and affirmed the vital importance of these Vital Statistics professionals – Registrars, Deputy Registrars and … Continue reading OPHA Vital Statistics Section Annual Conference, 2016


OPHA Legislative Update, September 2016

Ohio Public Health Association has signed a letter of support to USEPA to collect information on chemicals used in fracking, signed on in support of Tobacco 21 legislation, and supports SB330 to increase dental access. Work will start soon in Ohio for a Public Health Climate Change Preparedness plan.


Check Out Our July Legislative Update

Keep up with current public-health related legislation and issues in the Policy Committee’s monthly Legislative Update. Our July issue highlights gun violence as a public health issue and provides info on the summer Public Health Action (PHACT) campaign of the American Public Health Association. It also list current legislation and issues we are watching. Read it … Continue reading Check Out Our July Legislative Update


SB330: Will Improve Access to Dental Care

The Policy Committee is pushing for hearings related to Senate Bill 330 that would expand the use of dental therapists in Ohio. Dental therapists serve a role similar to a physician assistant and allow greater access to dental care to more people. The bill is in committee and likely to be revisited when the legislature reconvenes … Continue reading SB330: Will Improve Access to Dental Care